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The concept of rising demand for rare earth environmentally friendly and comfortable furniture ushered in layout opportunities. The long dormant concept of rare earth strengthened yesterday, becoming the most popular in the two cities, once again triggering investors' reverie about the future. Analysts said that after the previous continuous correction, there has been a significant correction in the valuation of the resource sector, and the relevant stocks are also at recent lows. In the expectation of improving the relationship between supply and demand, the concept of rare earth in the market has also begun to be re valued by some institutions. In the short term, the rectification of industrial order may become an important catalyst for the rise of rare earth prices, and relevant varieties will usher in a good opportunity for configuration

the improvement of supply and demand shows

wind data shows that as of the closing, rare earth permanent magnet ranked first with an increase of 3.07% in 189 wind concept sectors. A total of 21 of the 25 concept constituent stocks in normal trading yesterday achieved gains, and only two stocks, keliyuan and Tiantong, fell, both within 2%, showing strength

analysts said that rare earth is an important strategic resource, but in recent years, "Black Rare Earth" has been rampant, seriously affecting the development of the industry. For this reason, in recent years, the state has strengthened the rectification and standardization of the rare earth industry and carried out joint special rectification actions

from the supply side, with the gradual tightening of rare earth environmental protection inspection, it is more difficult to mine beyond the plan, which is conducive to the continuous contraction of supply. The legal production capacity will also be further concentrated in the six rare earth groups previously established and strictly controlled. The operation situation of the industry is expected to improve, and the pricing power will also be further concentrated. After the social inventory is gradually cleared, the supply side under the total amount control will continue to reflect the value of rare earth, so the supply side will be reshaped

from the demand side, benefiting from the development of low-carbon industries such as new energy vehicles, wind power generation and variable frequency household appliances, the demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials has increased rapidly. It is estimated that the demand growth rate of rare earth permanent magnets in China will be about 15.2% in the future. Driven by the demand for rare earth permanent magnets, China's demand for rare earth will also maintain a growth rate of 7.8% in the next few years. From 2017 to 2020, the consumption of rare earth (equivalent to oxide) is expected to reach 109000 tons, 118000 tons, 127000 tons and 137000 tons respectively. As the downstream consumption of Rare Earth continues to grow, driven by strong demand, the price of rare earth after inventory reduction is also expected to fluctuate upward, and the subsequent market will continue to rise

industry boom or sustained

facing the background of manufacturing transformation and upgrading and economic development entering a new era, key strategic materials will become the top priority in the new stage, among which new display materials, rare earth magnetic materials, aerospace equipment materials, etc. have become the key breakthrough objects of the 13th five year plan. Industrialization and localization are speeding up by providing improved estimates of construction time and material use, Related varieties have also ushered in good opportunities for configuration. Yesterday, the relevant concepts broke out collectively, and the rare earth permanent magnet and small metal indexes rose together, both above 2%

with the continuous decline of rare earth prices, downstream enterprises "bottom" replenishment, the current rare earth prices have begun to rebound slightly. Although the increase is limited, market sentiment has improved a lot. Market participants said that this round of rebound was mainly due to the gradual reduction of low-priced goods in the market due to the downstream replenishment, the strong holding price of production enterprises and the consequent cautious bullish trend. Since the price rise, the quotation of production enterprises has generally increased, and some goods holders are waiting to rise. The quotation of sellers of praseodymium and neodymium oxide is generally higher than 300000 yuan/ton. The holding of gadolinium oxide and terbium oxide is a material supplier that can inhibit or delay the combustion and make itself not easy to burn, and the quotation has also been increased to varying degrees. Recently, the Department of raw materials industry (rare earth office) of the Ministry of industry and information technology has organized member units of the coordination mechanism to study and promote the rectification of the order of the rare earth industry, which is more likely to continue to catalyze rare earth prices, and there is still the possibility of a slight increase in future quotations

said Li Wenjing of open source securities. Recently, the rare earth office of the Ministry of industry and information technology organized a meeting to focus on measures to promote the rectification of order, which is expected to promote the promulgation of the regulations on the administration of rare metals as soon as possible, which will greatly regulate the supply side of rare earth, so as to effectively eradicate the indiscriminate mining phenomenon that has plagued the development of the industry for a long time. The sales of new energy vehicles are good, and all kinds of industrial capital have entered the new energy vehicle industry, which will also increase the demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials. Under the expectation of large callback range and superimposed collection and storage, rare earth prices have been supported to a certain extent. On the whole, the long-term rising space of rare earth prices has been opened, and it is optimistic about future related investment opportunities

analysts pointed out that with the further appearance of the good trend of rare earth prices, there will be opportunities for further performance in the specific introduction of rare earth related concepts or anchor fatigue testing machines in the future

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