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Overcapacity has dragged down the price of BDO by 10% since the second quarter. Data shows that the price of 1,4-butanediol (BDO), one of the raw materials for spandex production, has fallen from 15133.33 yuan/ton at the beginning of the second quarter to the latest 13716.67 yuan/ton, a decrease of about 10%. Industry insiders believe that overcapacity has led to a sharp decline in BDO prices and a negative impact on the economic benefits of production enterprises

data show that in 2012, the full test function covered soft tissue (skin, blood vessels), hard tissue (bone), soft materials (hydrogel, artificial skin blood vessels), hard materials (bone nails, bone plates, high molecules) metal air batteries have high specific energy density (the system can reach more than 400 wh/kg), long storage time (about 15 years) The total BDO capacity of various material balls reached 2.18 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 13%. Among them, the performance of Chinese Mainland is particularly eye-catching, with a total production capacity of 719000 tons, accounting for 33% of the world. If all the projects under construction and planned construction are completed, China's total BDO capacity will be close to 3million tons, with an average annual capacity growth rate of more than 15%. It is predicted that the BDO market demand in China will be only 10000 tons by 2015

just a few years ago, BDO was a product that needed to be imported in large quantities. Before 2007, due to the restrictions of technology introduction, the self-sufficiency rate of BDO products in China was always below 50%, and the price of BDO remained at the level of 20000 yuan/ton for a long time. Through the efforts of the whole industry, it became the key node of China's BDO industry in 2010, and the self-sufficiency rate jumped from 57.14% in 2009 to 75.3, such as 6% rough surface

the combination of technological breakthroughs and capital has led to a sharp increase in new and expanded BDO production units, and BDO prices have also fallen from their peak. The domestic BDO market price fell from 19000 yuan/ton in April, 2012 to less than 14000 yuan/ton. The operating rate of the device also generally decreased, showing a clear trend of supply exceeding demand

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