The hottest overhaul of air conditioning circuit a

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Overhaul air conditioning circuit and machinery should be considered together

I overhaul an air conditioner, so with the support of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, it is difficult: the indoor unit operates normally, and the external unit does not respond

open indoor equipment 1. Be sure to use and maintain the circuit board of the machine regularly. After careful inspection, there is nothing suspicious. Some suspect that necd78082cuo is also related to other factors, such as the diameter and length of the transmission pipeline. 55 there is a problem. After replacing the circuit board, the problem is solved, but it doesn't take long for the problem to reappear, and at this time, it is in trouble. After several repeated tests and replacements, I suddenly thought of the fluorine pressure problem: too high fluorine pressure may cause nec2 feet to have no micro control signal, and the inner tank protector Jinmin new material is open circuit. After returning to normal.

here I want to remind you not to forget the mechanical part in the maintenance process

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