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More than 40% of cable enterprises continue to be bearish on copper prices

what is the recent trend of copper prices? The results of a recent survey of 21 domestic wire and cable enterprises show that more than 40% of wire and cable enterprises continue to maintain short thinking. Recent copper price trend how about the total investment of the project of US $27.54 million? The results of a recent survey of 21 domestic wire and cable enterprises show that more than 40% of our cable enterprises continue to keep a short mind in our operation

45% of cable enterprises continue to be bearish in the future. The recent rebound in copper prices is limited to the technical adjustment after the sharp decline. After the rebound, copper prices will fall again. Recent economic data from China, Europe and the United States have not shown significant positive results, indicating that the global economic recovery process is still repeated. If the copper price does not get a strong positive boost in the downward channel, it is difficult for the copper price to get out of the reversal market

10% of cable enterprises are bullish. On the one hand, it is judged that copper consumption did improve in the second quarter, which has been shown from domestic inventory. The inventory in the bonded area and the inventory in the previous period both decreased, and electrolytic copper supply was even tight in some regions of China. In addition, smelting enterprises plan to reduce production due to the tight supply of waste copper raw materials recently, as well as the ongoing processing and re export operation of copper concentrate, which will make the consumption better in may more significantly feel the tight supply of copper. In this case, it is expected that the copper price will be supported and begin to stop falling and recover

5% of enterprises see a flat future. Recently, the copper price has pulled back quickly after falling below 50000, indicating that 50000 is still an important psychological support in the market, and the copper price of 50000 is supported by large buying. In addition, the second quarter is in the peak season of copper consumption, and there is no time to continue to short substantially. However, it is difficult for the market to rebuild its confidence in the copper price in the short term, so the copper price will be consolidated around 51000 yuan/ton in the near future, waiting for the new direction of the market

domestic industry production and sales volume is the first

another 40% of enterprises said that the recent copper price fluctuations are too intense, there are many uncertain factors, it is difficult to judge the trend of copper price

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