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Overcapacity in 2012, the prospects of the soda ash market are worrying

the soda ash market has been depressed. So far, the just past Spring Festival has not brought a good day for soda ash, but further reduced the soda ash market. During the Spring Festival, all downstream manufacturers closed down, and the market has no trading investment for the time being. The soda ash manufacturers maintain the early operating rate and normal production, resulting in a high inventory of soda ash after the festival. In addition, many downstream manufacturers have prepared goods before the Spring Festival, there is no sign of amplification of downstream demand, and the inventory pressure is gradually increasing, resulting in the decline of the market price of pure gb/2423.22 temperature shock test alkali in February, even approaching the cost line. Recently, the market price of soda ash has fallen significantly, and the downstream market demand continues to be depressed, most of which are in the wait-and-see stage. At this stage, the market performance is weak, the market price is chaotic, and low prices are frequent. Downstream enterprises need to be widely used in high-tech fields such as military industry, aerospace, electronics and so on. In the downturn, production enterprises still have a certain amount of inventory to digest. In the past 12 years, the soda ash market is still not optimistic. The soda ash market continues to fluctuate and decline

and the annual increase in output has to be worrying. In 2011, the national output of soda ash reached 23.0331 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 13.40%. In terms of the output of provinces and cities, in the 12 months of 2011, the output of soda ash in Shandong was 4399100 tons, basically the same as last year, accounting for 19.09% of the total output of the country. Followed by Jiangsu Solotex Propyl Paraben (PTT) fiber used in the production of racing team uniforms, Henan and Hebei accounted for 13.84%, 12.19% and 11.03% of the total output respectively. It is estimated that by the end of 2012, China's soda ash production capacity will reach 30million tons

of course, the production capacity will not lag behind. According to statistics, China's 4.65 million ton/year soda ash production capacity will be put into operation successively from 2011 to 2013. Following the official production of the 1million ton/year unit of Qinghai Kunlun Alkali Company in August this year, the 1.2 million ton/year unit of wucai mining company will also be put into production at the end of next year. At present, the project is in the process of civil construction. In addition, the 1million ton/year units of Taiwan Glass Corporation and 600000 ton/year units of Fengcheng salt industry will also be put into operation in the past two years. It has become a new highlight to promote the development of non-ferrous metal industry. From 2014 to 2015, there is also a planned capacity of 12.5 million tons/year that is undergoing preliminary research and has begun preliminary work, and these projects are highly likely to be launched

the trend of soda ash market in 2012 is worrying, but the rising cost has to be considered. Due to the great influence of three factors: continuous regulation, increased cost and continued growth of production capacity, the development of soda ash market is not optimistic

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