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More than 100000 carcinogenic lunch boxes Haidian appearance

more than 100000 carcinogenic lunch boxes Haidian appearance

Social restaurants, restaurants in the park of Northern University of technology, and canteens used to be buyers

our newspaper Liu Xianyin reported yesterday that Haidian industry and Commerce seized more than 100000 disposable inferior meal samples in a wholesale market in Haidian District, the size of which was small to diameter φ 0.006mm gold wire box. The manufacturers of these lunch boxes were exposed and investigated by CCTV quality report last week. According to Dong Jinshi, deputy director of the China Packaging resources comprehensive utilization Commission, who participated in the inspection, the restaurants, canteens and surrounding social restaurants in the park of Northern Polytechnic University were once buyers of these products

inferior lunch boxes are sold against the wind

yesterday morning, I came to the tableware sales in hall 3 of a wholesale market in Haidian District to clean the main machine. When I asked whether there were cheap lunch boxes, some stall owners said that they dared not sell them after they were exposed on TV. Now they sell them all qualified, with a minimum of 140 yuan for a box

but as soon as a stall owner heard that he wanted to buy the cheapest one, he immediately took out a thin looking lunch box from the counter, took it, felt it soft, pinched it with his hand, and there were traces of wax on the surface of the box. After kneading it again, it broke down, and smelled strange. The stall owner said that this was the cheapest. A box of 800 was only sold for 60 yuan. In another booth, the stall owner also said that there are cheap lunch boxes that have improved the safety and flame retardant level of household appliances. If you want, you can pick up the goods at any time

more than 100000 inferior lunch boxes were caught on the spot

at 10 o'clock, a van loaded with inferior lunch boxes delivered to the stall owner of hall 3 drove into the market, but only after unloading a box, it found the TV camera and immediately drove away in a hurry

law enforcement officers later found that in warehouse 8, a large number of inferior lunch boxes produced by two plastic products manufacturers in Tianjin and Hebei, which had just been exposed in the weekly quality report last Sunday, were stacked inside. Dong Jinshi, deputy director of the China Packaging resources comprehensive utilization Commission, said on the spot that what was more serious was that if the dust entered the hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine to identify these detected lunch boxes, "they are all inferior. You see, they all crack with your hands. If you smell them again, there is still a peculiar smell." Law enforcement officers found 93 cases of inferior lunch boxes in this warehouse

subsequently, the law enforcement officers investigated the market for 33 boxes, plus 93 boxes found in the warehouse, a total of 126 boxes, more than 100000 inferior lunch boxes. Law enforcement officials have temporarily detained these inferior lunch boxes

according to Dong Jinshi, who has been investigating the matter, he had previously made an investigation and unannounced visit to Northern Polytechnic University Based on clues, and found that some restaurants and canteens on the campus only covet cheap but ignore the quality of lunch boxes, and purchase such lunch boxes without scruple, which may cause cancer

source: Huaxia

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