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More than 170million private car owners benefit! Since today (November 20), the Ministry of public security has officially implemented 12 new measures for public security traffic control to optimize the business environment, among which the new rules for annual inspection of private cars have attracted much attention

expand the scope of exemption from inspection and optimize the inspection cycle

more than 170million private car owners have benefited

as of September 2020, the number of motor vehicles in the country has reached 365million, including 275million cars and 450million drivers. Previously, the traffic management department has exempted non operating minibuses with less than 6 seats from inspection within 6 years, and 190million owners have enjoyed the inspection exemption policy

data chart. From November 20, the public security traffic control department has further expanded the scope of exemption from inspection on the basis of non operating mini buses with less than 6 seats within 6 years, and included non operating mini buses with less than 6 SEATS (except minibuses) within 6 years into the scope of exemption. When regular inspection is required every two years, the owner of the motor vehicle can directly apply to the traffic management department of the public security organ for the inspection mark after providing the compulsory insurance certificate for traffic accidents, vehicle and vessel tax payment or tax exemption certificate, without going to the inspection institution for safety technical inspection

in addition, the traffic management department also further optimized the inspection cycle of motor vehicles. For non operating minibuses (except minibuses) with more than 6 years but less than 10 years, the inspection cycle is relaxed from once a year to once every two years, that is, private cars only need to be tested online twice in 10 years, which are the sixth and eighth years respectively; For private cars with more than 10 years, the original inspection cycle is still implemented, that is, annual inspection; For those with more than 15 years, the inspection shall be conducted once every half a year

according to the head of the public security traffic control department, more than 170 million private car owners across the country will enjoy the convenience brought by the reform

for example, if your car is registered after November 1st, 2014, it only needs to be inspected in the 6th, 8th and 10th years. Among them, for vehicles registered from November 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014, it is mainly noted that the sixth year of online testing will be completed before the end of this year

Ying Xiwen, head of the macro regional research team of the people's Bank of China think tank, told Zhongxin Jingwei that the traffic control department expanded the scope of inspection exemption and adjusted the inspection exemption cycle, mainly because with the improvement of vehicle quality and emission standards, the need for annual inspection of vehicles has decreased, and the objective conditions have been met to extend the inspection exemption period of passenger cars from 6 years to 10 years. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, the sales volume of passenger cars has been increasing and entering ordinary families, which is significantly different from the operating passenger cars (such as vans) that used to be more on the market. Therefore, this part of 7-9 passenger cars is included in the inspection exemption list, which can further facilitate and benefit the people

Zhong Shi, an analyst in the automotive industry, said that the starting point of the new regulations is to further improve the convenience service of the management organization. The foundation of the new regulations shows that the engine emission control of domestic passenger cars has reached a generally good standard

in the opinion of Zhang Xiang, an analyst in the automotive industry, the quality of cars has been greatly improved, and there is no need for high-frequency testing. In addition, many cars have been connected, and car companies can detect them in real time

expert: the demand for passenger cars has increased

the new regulations have increased its market attractiveness to a certain extent

cuidongshu, Secretary General of the passenger car market information joint committee, pointed out in an interview with China new longitude and latitude that the new regulations for annual inspection expand the scope of exemption from inspection and adjust the inspection cycle, which is good for passenger cars and saves the time of vehicle inspection

according to Ying Xiwen, with the implementation of the two-child policy, residents' families' demand for passenger cars. 2. When using the projector, keep away from water or wet places It has been enhanced, but the cumbersome annual inspection has restricted the desire to buy. After the launch of this move, it can clarify the fault location before the hands-on inspection to a certain extent, and increase the market attractiveness of seat vehicles

Zhang Xiang said that before the introduction of the annual inspection, many consumers were unwilling to buy large vehicles when considering the annual inspection of cars with more than seven seats. Now, non operating minibuses (except vans) within six years are included in the inspection exemption range, which can promote the consumption of cars with seats

inspection exemption is not non inspection

the inspection qualification mark still needs to be obtained.

the traffic management department reminds that the inspection exemption of non operating minibuses (except vans) within 6 years is not non inspection, and the owners still need to apply for the inspection qualification mark of motor vehicles every two years within six years before the registration of new vehicles

source: the "traffic control 12123" app

inspection qualification mark can be claimed at the window of the traffic control department, or the electronic voucher can be obtained through the "traffic control 12123" app

experts from the Standardization Technical Committee of building products and components and fittings of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the Ministry of traffic management said that there are two situations that do not enjoy the inspection exemption policy: first, there are many problems such as Illegal Refitting of vehicles in actual use, mixed loading of passengers and goods, and the resulting mass deaths and injuries have occurred from time to time, so they are not included in the scope of inspection exemption this time; Second, if a vehicle exempted from inspection is punished according to law in case of a traffic accident that causes casualties or illegal modification, it will have a great impact on the safety performance of the vehicle, and it still needs to be inspected periodically according to the original regulations

friends applaud

expect more convenience policies

source: screenshot of friends' comments

for the convenience policies introduced by the traffic management department in recent years, friends have left comments and praised: "I'm preparing to buy a seven seat car, which is convenient for" "benefiting the people and enterprises, and people's affairs are more and more convenient" "related to people's livelihood and public opinion, good policies" "look forward to launching more policies to benefit the people"

source: screenshot of friends' comments

at the same time, some friends put forward: "policies are very beneficial to the people, and the key is to see the implementation and service"

according to the suggestions of Xi Wen, we should further expand the scope of remote handling of various vehicle businesses, such as further facilitating the remote trading of second-hand cars, the remote handling of various vehicle change procedures, etc

Zhong Shi said that in the future, the traffic management department can still further introduce more convenient service measures according to the corresponding improvement of the safety and emission level of passenger cars

Guo Qiang, spokesman of the Ministry of public security and second-class inspector of the propaganda bureau, said at the Ministry of public security press conference held in October that the next step is for the public security organs to continue to promote the construction of the "Internet + public security government service" platform, study and launch more new policies and measures to serve mass enterprises and optimize the business environment, so as to make the people's sense of gain more satisfying, happiness more sustainable and security more secure

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