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MySAP's overall solution for the oil and gas industry

vague business plans, empty IPOs and deficits are going away, replaced by customer satisfaction, wise decisions and gradually increasing profitability. Sap is committed to helping enterprises and their employees, customers and partners achieve success in experiments and data processing according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and various standards provided by users in the new economy through collaboration. With mySAP business Evonik Greater China as a driving force to promote global economic development, SAP provides all kinds of solutions, technical support and services you need in the fierce market competition, and creates the future with you

through mySAP oil and gas industry solutions, you can obtain various management tools and business processes specifically designed for the oil and gas industry to help you operate your oil and gas business more effectively and ultimately make a profit. Only SAP can comprehensively combine today's most advanced collaborative commerce technology with our in-depth understanding of the oil and gas industry to provide you with the best technical services

cost control - from oil wells to oil pumps, it is the solution you need

exploration, production, oil refining, and finally sales in the market. This is the business you are currently operating. Facing the current highly competitive economy, how to optimize your organizational structure and business processes to make the operation of enterprises more effective and profitable is an urgent problem faced by all enterprises

whether you are a super large oil and gas enterprise, whose business covers from upstream oil exploration to downstream gas station retail (1) pre experiment wiping equipment business, or an independent manufacturer, you must face the uncontrollable oil and gas market price. Therefore, how to control their own production costs and quickly capture market opportunities is of great importance. But how to start

answer the following important questions

which part of the company's assets require the highest maintenance costs? What aspects of the problem caused the rise in costs? How to optimize your supply chain? How to improve and maintain customer loyalty to the enterprise? How to reduce working capital? How to make use of the advantage of Internet, green and environmental protection is the first requirement? How can we manage environmental pollution, health protection and safety production more effectively

the above problems are very important for the daily operation of enterprises. While seeking answers to these questions, you will also find a way for enterprises to control costs and increase profits in the new economy

mysap oil and gas industry solutions can help you answer the above questions

mysap oil and gas industry solution is an industry solution specially developed for oil and gas. By applying this set of solutions, it can deliver important information to you at the right time and place, so as to help you effectively control the operating costs of the enterprise. It provides information quickly and accurately through the network. By applying mySAP oil and gas industry solutions, you can make full use of e-Collaborative commerce to actively manage enterprise assets and apply them to enterprise business activities, so as to maximize cash flow, so as to occupy an advantage in today's fierce competition

in depth industry capabilities and a wide range of customer base

sap has developed and studied solutions for the oil and gas industry for more than 17 years. At present, more than 500 enterprises and more than 500000 users have applied this solution worldwide - mySAP oil and gas industry solution. MySAP oil and gas industry solution is the most complete and fully integrated business solution for the oil and gas industry today. Sap is also the only software supplier that promises to provide you with a fully integrated industry solution throughout the entire oil and gas value chain (from oilfield production to gas station retail management)

solutions for the oil and gas industry

mysap business suite successfully strengthens the ability of collaborative commerce between enterprises and their employees, customers and business partners anytime, anywhere by integrating industry solutions and various services. MySAP business suite has developed special industry solutions suitable for different industries, one of which is mySAP oil and gas industry solutions specially developed for the oil and gas industry. At present, no other supplier can provide such a deep and wide range of solutions for the oil and gas industry as SAP

to make your business run better, we divide mySAP oil and gas industry solution into two parts: the first part is all kinds of business processes and management tools applicable to the oil and gas industry; The second part is the collection of cross industry solutions of mySAP business suite, which includes:

mySAP supply chain management (mysapscm) mySAP supply chain management through the integration of your extended supply chain, so that you can really enjoy the business benefits brought by e-commerce: such as communicating directly with your customers or business partners, sharing information, and effectively improving production efficiency. Mysapscm helps you plan, arrange and optimize the primary transportation and secondary distribution network, so as to better balance supply and demand. From oil fields to gas stations, mysapscm can transform your supply chain into a collaborative group of coordinated actions

mysap Customer Relationship Management (mysapcrm) helps you find and retain customers by providing perfect customer management functions. Any oil and gas enterprise has to deal with thousands of orders every day, so how to maintain customer satisfaction with the enterprise at a high level is very important. Whether it is the sales business of lubricating oil or fuel oil, mysapcrm can always help you expand e-sales and meet the needs of different customers

mysap product life cycle management (mysapplm) can help you manage, track and control the whole life cycle of products, projects and assets, so that you can know all kinds of costs at your fingertips. At the same time, it also provides you with strong support from the technical and information support for more effective equipment maintenance, attention to services, health, environment and safety, downtime and maintenance. Through this product, you can comprehensively understand the assets owned by the enterprise

mysap business intelligence (mysapbi) can provide you with the necessary information for business decisions

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