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The overall weakness of the machine tool industry will take some time to recover.

production and sales fell, profits fell, and exports fell. The overall situation of China's machine tool industry last year seemed to be summarized in two words: decline, which also made it a headache for enterprises in the machine tool industry that are about to test money experts to listen to your test objectives for the Spring Festival

On January 28, manager Yu, the head of a small machine tool enterprise in Jinan, Shandong Province, said in an interview with this newspaper that the overall situation of machine tools was bad last year, and the sales of my enterprise fell sharply, mainly due to poor sales, coupled with the rapid rise in raw material prices, some peers quit

according to our interview, in the past 2012, the machine tool industry experienced a sharp decline in profits, and the output value of major domestic machine tool enterprises generally fell by about 30%. In the cold winter of last year, the test projects were relatively fixed, even large enterprises such as Shenyang machine tool and Kunming Machine Tool were not spared, and the output value of major machine tool enterprises generally fell

on December 6 last year, China Machine Tool Industry Association held a meeting in Beijing. Wang Liming, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Industry Association, said at the meeting that China's macroeconomic growth rate began to show a downward trend from the beginning of last year, domestic manufacturing investment tightened, demand was weak, coupled with the impact of the international financial crisis, European debt crisis and other factors, resulting in the grim situation of the machine tool industry today. In the downturn of the domestic market, enterprises pay attention to the international market. Exports have maintained a certain growth in the first ten months, but the growth rate has narrowed month by month

decline in orders

what bothers manager Yu is not only the rapid rise in raw materials, but also the decline in orders

we can clearly feel the decline in orders. We can clearly see from the profits and operating volume that the same machine tools originally produced with the same time and materials have been defeated by different orders. The machine tools we produced in July and August last year have not been sold yet. Manager Yu told this newspaper

however, behind the decline in orders is the shrinking of profits, accompanied by the intensification of competition among industries

manager Yu said that less orders also means less demand from upstream customers. In this case, upstream customers will depress each other's prices. As the saying goes, shop around. Upstream customers will certainly not cooperate with you according to the previous cooperation price. As long as the price is not too low and do not default on the payment, we will endure to cooperate with them. In the face of price, the quality of machine tools often determines nothing. This is our sorrow, because price is no longer determined by quality, but by the market

this newspaper learned that all along, domestic machine tools are mostly medium and low-end products, and high-end products involve less, and most of them are occupied by foreign products. The low added value of products is the biggest problem of the whole machine tool industry. With the continuous influx of emerging manufacturing enterprises, the product named desmocomp has further intensified the market competition of the whole industry

many domestic manufacturing enterprises, due to the lack of a decisive breakthrough in technology and the overcapacity caused by the rapid expansion of many enterprises, have caused the current price war in the machine tool market, and the profits of enterprises have shrunk sharply. At the same time, in the sluggish market environment, the rise in production and labor costs is undoubtedly making things worse for the machine tool industry. Manager Yu said

chenhuiren, Deputy Secretary General of China Machine Tool Industry Association, believes that the current situation faced by China's machine tool industry enterprises is that the total demand has decreased significantly and the demand structure has accelerated upgrading. Affected by this, the main economic operation indicators of China's machine tool industry have declined in an all-round way, new orders have decreased significantly, the level of production and sales has dropped significantly, the occupation of funds has increased significantly, a large number of idle manufacturing resources and the contradiction between supply and demand have become increasingly prominent, which have become the main characteristics of the current operation of the industry

Chen Huiren also believes that at the same time, the contradiction of inherent capacity structure imbalance in the industry is more obvious, and the already serious homogeneous market competition is further intensified

data show that in the 10 years of the Tenth Five Year Plan and the eleventh five year plan, China's machine tool industry has achieved sustained and ultra-high development. Until the first half of 2011, the demand is still very strong, and the vast majority of machine tool enterprises are in a state of booming production and marketing. However, since the second half of last year, demand growth has slowed down significantly, new orders have fallen sharply, economic benefits have become increasingly severe, and profit margins have continued to decline

competition intensifies

due to the shrinking market of medium and low-end CNC machine tools and excess production capacity, as well as the influx of foreign products at low prices, market competition will further intensify. As high-end products have been dependent on imports for a long time, domestic products are facing severe challenges of international competition

manager Yu admitted to this newspaper that although China's machine tool industry has maintained sustained and rapid development for many years, the phenomenon of unreasonable industrial and product structure still exists. The whole industry is large but not strong, and high-end products still rely heavily on imports

we can't do some orders before. Why can't we do it? It's because the quality of our raw materials is not good, and more importantly, our technology is not good. But it takes time and money to learn and master advanced technology, and if there are neither, what about advanced technology? Manager Yu said

at present, although the domestic market share of domestic machine tools has been improved to a certain extent, the domestic market share of high-end CNC machine tools and core functional components is still very low, and the potential for the whole industry to replace imports is very huge

in contrast to the market, relevant data show that the total amount of machine tools imported by China from Japan and Germany has exceeded 60% in the past two years. From the perspective of imported models, the demand for precision, efficient and high-speed medium and high-end CNC machine tools has increased significantly, and the demand structure of machine tools in China has changed greatly

in recent years, affected by the international financial crisis, German and Japanese machine tool enterprises have recovered rapidly, and have entered China with the strategy of low price and middle-end machines. The market response is good, which also brings huge competitive pressure to the development of China's medium and high-end CNC machine tool industry? At the same time, medium-sized machine tools from Taiwan and South Korea are also a force that cannot be ignored. The low price and middle-grade machine tools produced by industry giants Mazak and demaji with high technology are particularly popular in the Chinese market

manager Yu told this newspaper that a few years ago, the salary of a technician only needed one or two thousand yuan. Now there is no one to recruit a technician at all without sevenoreight thousand yuan. The cost rises too fast, which makes it difficult for us enterprises that only do OEM. People who have strength are fighting for technology, but we are still in place to protect ourselves. Think about how big the gap is

manager Yu bluntly pointed out that most of the medium and high-end metal processing machine tools produced in China in the current period are still equipped with imported functional components, reflecting the fact that China's independent innovation ability is not strong, the basic, key and common technologies have not been fully mastered, and the development of functional components still lags behind the development of host machines

accelerating transformation and upgrading is imminent.

low added value of products is the biggest problem of the whole machine tool industry. Manager Yu said

at present, China's machine tool industry as a whole is still at the middle and low end of the industrial chain. The past high-speed growth depends more on the strong pull of domestic market demand and labor cost advantages. Nowadays, the traditional development mode is rapidly losing its foothold, and the machine tool industry has to make the choice of upgrading

low quality, low efficiency and low-end are the current situation of China's machine tool industry, and the purpose of transformation and upgrading is to become high quality, high efficiency and high-end

Wang Liming said that in the face of the new market situation, the machine tool industry must take the initiative to accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure and eliminate backward products with low added value. Enterprises should also adhere to improving the market competitiveness of medium and high-end products as one of the core objectives of transformation and upgrading, speed up the breakthrough of core technologies, and make the product accuracy truly recognized by users in terms of retention, stability, reliability, etc, In particular, by accelerating the industrialization and commercialization of technological innovation achievements, we should thoroughly solve the problem of the similarity between domestic high-end machine tools and imported machine tools, and promote the industry to enter a sustained, rational and stable growth stage

after this cold winter, some enterprises with low added value, high pollution and high energy consumption will be eliminated from the market. The new round of economic growth will put forward higher requirements for the product structure, enterprise automation and development level of machine tool enterprises. The market requires products to be more professional, refined and special. Only enterprises that follow the specialized, refined and special path can survive. Manager Yu said

an insider told this newspaper that the machine tool industry as a whole is still at the middle and low end of the international division of labor and industrial chain. The past high-speed growth depends more on the strong pull of domestic market demand, and the development energy released by the reform of enterprise system and mechanism? The comparative advantage of labor cost and the strong support of national industrial policy. The current slowdown in economic growth is not a simple cyclical downturn, but a complex background? To a greater extent, it is also an active choice for the country to exchange a lower growth rate for economic transformation and upgrading

for machine tool enterprises, if they have the ability, they should strengthen technological research and development and seize the market with new products; If it cannot be transformed and upgraded with innovation in a short time, improving the cost performance of products, improving the precision and reliability, and improving the appearance and internal components will make enterprises hot in the off-season. The above experts said

manager Yu said that Darwin's theory of evolution Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. helps you solve your worries. It may be the best proof in the current situation of machine tools: the fittest survives, and the fittest is eliminated. Smart enterprises know how to do market in the off-season and sales in the peak season; Stupid enterprises will only do sales in the off-season and market in the peak season

on January 28, CIC consultants pointed out in the "investment information analysis and comments on high-end equipment manufacturing industry" to this newspaper that the current situation of machine tool manufacturing is a microcosm of the plight of the entire machinery manufacturing industry. It can be expected that China's machinery manufacturing industry will soon enter an important transformation period. High quality, efficiency and high-end are the direction of transformation. Among them, the manufacturing of high-end CNC machine tools is the basis for the development of marine engineering, aerospace and other high-end equipment, and increasing its capital and human investment is an important part of the whole machine tool manufacturing industry

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