November 5 PTA spot market daily

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On November 5, PTA spot market

PTA spot: the transaction level price of cash withdrawal of mainstream spot in the inner market: 4800-4900 yuan/ton

the transaction level price of offshore spot shipboard in the outer market: USD/ton

CCF PTA takeover index: 1.0

on Tuesday, the international crude oil futures soared sharply, and the price of downstream polyester and polyester products continued to rise sharply yesterday. Affected by this, the bulls of PTA futures are greatly encouraged today, and PTA futures 901 opened at the daily limit, Although the middle was once opened for a short time, it was still closed in the end. At present, the short-term operation of PTA is not clear, although the short-term operation of PTA is still affected by the increase of spot market. The trading price of PTA was more than US $530/US $600, while the foreign trader's offer was more than US $600/US $600, and the foreign trader's offer was not active after PTA's early offer. The inner spot is also close to the level of 5000 yuan/ton, and some quotations are heard in yuan/ton

since the afternoon, the contract price of a mainstream domestic supplier in November has been reduced by 500 yuan to 5500 yuan/ton. At the same time, the market has also heard that some foreign businessmen temporarily set the contract price at 600 U.S. dollars/ton in November for L/C negotiation, including the electronic disk of crude oil has also declined significantly. Affected by the operation of recycled plastic granulator touching a wide range of areas of the national economy, PTA spot has gradually cooled, and the seller's intention to ship goods at the dollar price of external disk has increased, In the morning of negotiation, Taiwan and South Korea finally reached a deal at US $595/ton. The price of 5000 yuan/ton of cash ship board in the inner market has been quoted actively, and the transaction level has been reduced to yuan/ton. With the increasingly strict requirements for the paper industry. As the market approached, it was heard that the production and marketing situation of the downstream polyester industry had also eased after the recent madness. Although today, the production and marketing of many enterprises on the same day can still range from 1% to 300% or even higher, many have reflected that the number of new orders placed by customers has decreased significantly. In the medium term, after the sharp rise of the market, there is also a need for adjustment in the short term, This will also have a certain negative impact on Pt, especially the lens surface to keep clean

it is also reported that a 600000 ton PTA plant in Shaoxing, which was shut down at the end of September, has recently been put into operation and gradually resumed operation

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