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Hu Chenghu, vice president of Delixi Group, participated in the activity of "private enterprise dialogue with the world's top 500"

on December 8, the activity of "2008 private enterprise dialogue with the world's top 500" jointly sponsored by the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, China Association of foreign funded enterprises and Wenzhou Municipal People's government opened in Wenzhou. IBM, Morgan Stanley, Lenovo Group and other world's top 500 gathered in Wenzhou to face Wenzhou private enterprises. Huchenghu, vice president of Delixi Group, was invited to participate in this event

the activity creates a new platform for the exchange and cooperation between private enterprises and multinational companies in the field of capital and industry through various forms such as special forums, exhibitions, industrial docking negotiations and visits

During the event, Hu Chenghu was interviewed by Reuters, Wenzhou evening news and other domestic and foreign media. He said that this year's global financial crisis measurement system was automatically cleared, leaving many peers facing a survival crisis, but Delixi was able to go against the trend, which was mainly due to the fact that go-pda, one of the world's top 500 companies, was still more cohesive than go Schneider in the simulation, realizing a win-win situation for both sides. After cooperating with Schneider, Delixi has fully introduced the world's advanced management system. Through the integration of subordinate workshops, the cost has been saved by more than 20 million yuan. More than 600 newly recruited employees have been filled, but the weight loss is not large, which has greatly improved the production efficiency. At the same time, Delixi brand has been redesigned and positioned, unified image logo, so that Delixi brand has a unified global image. In addition to straightening out internal management, the cooperation between the two sides has also strengthened the external marketing. Hu Chenghu said that at present, the joint venture has established its own logistics system in more than 100 countries, and directly makes the terminal market with the help of Schneider's marketing platform, which makes Delixi recover the huge profits that were originally taken by overseas intermediaries to "survive on quality", and significantly reduces the operating cost of the circulation link

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