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Hubei Xiantao builds printing and packaging and other related industrial chains

we cooperate very well, and we all have endless work and money. On March 1, we walked into Ganhe Food Industrial Park in Xiantao City, Hubei Province to determine the space position to support the template of hollow pier. The bosses of Huamei, Huayuan and Yingke were all smiling. In their words, this is the dividend from the industrial chain

eight items of elastic modulus and maximum experimental force form a one-stop Ganhe food industrial chain from product processing to printing and packaging, which is a successful example of Xiantao City in building an industrial economic industrial chain. Xiantao City has identified the starting point of economic transformation and upgrading, paid attention to industrial upgrading, extended the industrial chain, and increased the speed and efficiency of economic trains

last year, 171 enterprises in the city had a warehousing tax of more than 500000 yuan, an increase of 44 compared with the previous year; There are 20 enterprises with warehousing tax between 5million yuan and 10million yuan, with a net increase of 14 on a year-on-year basis. Seven enterprises, including Sibao, Wangwang, Qinqin and Xinfa, all received taxes ranging from 10million yuan to more than 100million yuan

the industrial economy of Xiantao City has experienced a process from small and scattered to striving to become bigger and stronger. Especially after the outbreak of the world financial crisis, Xiantao City has received profound enlightenment from the development of advantageous industries around the needs and expectations of enterprises and the public, and proposed to vigorously develop five major industries, such as food, machinery and electronics, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and non-woven sanitary materials, so as to identify the starting point of transformation and upgrading, accumulate energy to meet market challenges, and enhance economic development strength. The whole city has optimized the project layout, forming an industrial economic pattern of differentiated development

at present, the food industry has entered a blowout period. The development momentum of brand enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. Ganhe Food Industrial Park and Xiantao Industrial Park have gathered 14 Chinese famous brand and well-known trademark food processing brand enterprises such as Taiwan Wangwang, Fujian Qinqin, Guangdong Zhenqiao, Guangdong Huamei, Fujian Haixin, Sichuan miduo, Shanghai Ronggang, etc. Xiantao Industrial Park, longhuashan, Shazui office and Huchang town have formed a distinctive mechanical and electronic industrial park around machinery and electronics, and introduced a number of brand-name and leading enterprises such as Ruiyang auto parts, Beijing Shenwu, Jianding electronics, fujiwa machinery, Kangshu technology, Navis electronics, Putian power supply, bestwell electric vehicles, Bayi auto parts, etc. The total investment of Taiwan Jianding and Shenzhen jiejiachuang reached US $500million and 1.5 billion respectively, thus accelerating the transformation of mechanical and electrical products in Xiantao from rough processing to high-quality, new and refined products. Based on a high starting point, Xiliuhe Chemical Industrial Park has successively introduced a number of well-known enterprises such as Hubei Yihua and Lantian chemical. PENGCHANG and other places have made great efforts to develop medium and high-end non-woven fabric production lines. In the past year, more than 200000 square meters of non-woven fabric plants have been built, and 12 high-end non-woven fabric raw material production lines have been newly built. The industrial scale and level have been significantly improved

the agglomeration and development of industrial projects in Xiantao City has created industrial advantages with different characteristics in different regions, forming a continuous linkage effect of attracting investment with industrial characteristics and attracting business with business; The extended industrial chain came into being. In fact, it is not that the impact testing machine is very cold to humidity of any size. Non woven fabrics have created a complete industrial chain from product development, raw material production to product processing, auxiliary materials, product packaging, logistics and transportation; The food industry presents a dragon system from product processing, raw material production to machinery manufacturing and logistics distribution; The machinery and electronics industry chain is also accelerating to form a new economic growth pole

the rapid development of industrial economy has provided a heavy bargaining chip for the enhancement of the economic strength of Xiantao City. Last year, Xiantao achieved an industrial added value of more than 12.5 billion yuan, a sales revenue of more than 45.7 billion yuan, and a profit and tax of more than 5 billion yuan, an increase of 22.5%, 35.67%, and 60.8% year-on-year respectively.. Since this year, the industrial economy of Xiantao has maintained a strong momentum of development, and the production and sales profits have increased significantly over the same period last year

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