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Huizhou Qingquan drilling company has introduced millions of drilling machines, and it takes only one day to drill 100 meters

drilling is a systematic project. Huizhou Qingquan drilling is a joint operation of multiple disciplines and types of work using a variety of equipment, tools and materials. At the same time, it is a continuous operation with close connection of multiple procedures and multiple links. The whole process of construction is quite complex. The completion of each well includes three stages: pre drilling engineering, drilling engineering and well completion operation. Each project stage has a series of construction procedures. Its main processes generally include: well location determination, road survey, foundation construction, derrick installation, relocation, equipment installation, primary spud in, secondary spud in, drilling, tripping out, bit change, running in, well completion, electrical logging, casing running, cementing operations, etc

over the years, Huizhou Qingquan drilling crew has been pursuing development through scientific and technological innovation, forging ahead with determination, highlighting the advantages of its own professional team, researching and promoting unique well completion technology, designing and processing deep and shallow well filter pipes suitable for all kinds of strata by itself, coating plastic wrapping wire, trapezoidal wire and other technologies, solving the problems of corrosion and scaling of filter pipes caused by various types of water quality, and increasing the water output of the well at the same time; The gravel filling process of ultra deep wells completely solves the hidden dangers of sand in the water and hole collapse, ensures the quality of the well and prolongs the service life of the well

Huizhou Qingquan drilling has more than 10 years of historical experience in pile foundation, shaft sinking and dewatering. It is a construction unit with complete equipment and strong technical force. We are a professional mechanical drilling team "spider silk": the key to new bone repair composites!, The engineering dewatering well team has strong technical strength, advanced equipment and a number of drilling machines. We have been drilling in Guangdong for a long time, including Jieyang, Shantou, Shanwei, Lufeng, Luhe, Fengshun, Chaozhou, Meizhou, Heyuan, Wuhua, Huilai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Dongguan, Fujian, Jiangxi and so on. Having accumulated rich experience, we can undertake the development and design of 100 meter deep water wells and hot spring deep water wells. Drilling water intake is not only for the majority of production Entrepreneurs: construction sites, factories, water washing plants, large printing and dyeing plants, hotels, schools, mineral water plants, aquaculture farms, private domestic water, etc

Huizhou Qingquan drilling team, with more than ten years of drilling project construction experience, has successfully completed many mechanical drilling projects with the goal of scientific design, strict management, careful construction, using guided drilling technology, bypassing existing underground pipelines or other obstacles, and has advanced production equipment and testing equipment. Our company has successfully overcome the difficulties encountered in sand layer, pebble layer, weathered rock, karst cave and other strata, and will not affect the construction due to the existence of many geological problems. Various types of pipeline laying projects have won wide trust and support from the industry and customers due to their fast construction speed, high accuracy, and good social benefits

the drilling specialty of Qingquan drilling team undertakes machine drilling of deep water wells, hot spring wells, manual well digging piles, communication and facility line piles, and specializes in various well pile foundations. Note: press the "pre drop hammer" key: the key stops the indicator light from turning on and the well excavation works, and the scope of engineering services covers all cities and regions in Guangdong Province. We have a perfect quality assurance system and perfect service measures. Over the past 30 years, with strong technical force and rich construction experience, we have successively completed the design and construction of thousands of foundation and tens of thousands of water well projects. The qualified rate of the project is 100%, and the excellent rate is 98%. It has achieved good quality benefits and social benefits, and enjoys a good reputation in the industry

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