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Hubei's chip industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan in four years. Recently, the Hubei provincial Party committee and government issued the opinions on promoting the high-quality development of the ten key industries in the province, focusing on the ten key industries with good foundation, excellent conditions and great potential, such as integrated circuits, cultivating new strategic support and new growth poles for the industrial development of the whole province, accelerating the transformation of Hubei manufacturing to Hubei creation, Hubei speed to Hubei quality The transformation of Hubei production to Hubei brand promotes the industry to move towards the middle and high end of the value chain. Among the ten key industries, the integrated circuit industry is listed in the first place. According to the plan, by 2022, it is estimated that the main business income of integrated circuits in Hubei Province will reach more than 205KG in 2025, and will strive to achieve more than 100billion yuan

integrated circuit, commonly known as "chip", is the core of information technology industry and a strategic, basic and leading industry supporting economic and social development and ensuring national security. With the rapid development of cloud computing, IOT, big data and other new formats, especially the explosive growth of mobile intelligent terminals and chips, China has become the world's largest integrated circuit market

in 2014, the State Council issued the outline for promoting the development of the national integrated circuit industry. Hubei immediately formulated the "action plan for the development of integrated circuit industry in Hubei Province", and issued the "13th five year plan" for the development of integrated circuit industry in Hubei Province in 2017, proposing to build Hubei into a world-class integrated circuit industry base with obvious industrial advantages, leading enterprises and strong radiation and driving effect by 2020, and cultivate a number of world-class enterprises and brands with international competitiveness

"since the 12th Five Year Plan, Hubei's integrated circuit industry has a good momentum of development." According to the relevant person in charge of the provincial development and Reform Commission, Wuhan, together with Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, has become one of the four major concentration areas of the national integrated circuit industry. The national storage base with a total investment of 160billion yuan was settled in Wuhan Optical Valley in 2016. Its construction body, Changjiang Storage Technology Co., Ltd., publicly released its breakthrough technology - xtackingtm last August. This technology will bring higher storage density and shorter product launch cycle to 3D flash memory. The first generation of 32 layer 3D flash memory products of Changjiang storage began mass production at the end of last year

with Yangtze River storage as the leader, a number of characteristic enterprises with strong competitiveness, such as Wuhan Xinxin, feisiling, Gaode infrared, China information technology, lightcom technology, Taiwan based shares, have accelerated their growth. At the same time, optical valley has also introduced international first-class chip design enterprises such as Hisilicon optoelectronics and Xinsi technology. At present, Hubei has more than 70 enterprises engaged in chip design, chip manufacturing and packaging materials, with a revenue of nearly 20billion yuan

therefore, there is basically no need for flexible packaging manufacturers. However, compared with developed regions, the overall scale of Hubei chip industry is small, and there is a long way to go to drive the trillion level "core screen end" world-class industrial cluster. Please press the reset button on the right timer for chip manufacturing cores such as lithography machines. Clearing heart equipment is controlled by others, leading backbone enterprises are lacking, and new generation core technologies such as high-end general-purpose chips need to be broken through

according to the strategic layout of "one core, two belts and three zones" of the provincial Party committee, Hubei will vigorously develop high-tech industries, strategic emerging industries and high-end growth industries represented by integrated circuits, and cultivate "core" industrial clusters that are national priorities. Therefore, among the top ten key industries in Hubei, the integrated circuit industry ranks first

According to Zhang Xinping, deputy director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, in the next four years, Hubei will rely on the national memory base to focus on the development of memory chips, optical communication chips and satellite navigation chips, and strive to form a relatively complete integrated circuit industry chain led by chip design, centered on chip manufacturing, and supported by packaging, testing and materials. By 2022, the main revenue of the province's integrated circuit industry will be more than 100billion yuan

in chip design, we should focus on information storage, optical communication, display, satellite navigation, IOT, automotive electronics and other advantageous fields, strengthen integrated circuit design, software development, system integration and application, content and service collaborative innovation, and speed up the design, development and industrialization of core chips

in chip manufacturing, we will promote the mass production of 12 inch three-dimensional data flash memory and code flash memory, build 8-inch micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) process and other characteristic semiconductor process production lines, and break through three-dimensional integrated special process and advanced memory process technology. Focus on the development of high-speed optoelectronic chips and devices used in the 5g field of data communication and mobile communication, and realize the large-scale application of more than one million

at the same time, accelerate the introduction and vigorously develop chip packaging, testing and other production lines, and focus on the development of flash memory (flash), double rate synchronous dynamic random access memory (DDR), dynamic random access memory (DRAM) memory advanced testing technology and the industrialization of testing equipment. Accelerate the development of integrated circuit supporting materials such as silicon chips and packaging adhesives, and strengthen the R & D and industrialization of key materials such as lead frames and alloy bonding wires

"the chip industry chain is long and the R & D cycle is long, which requires first-class talents and sustained huge investment." Heyanxiang, vice president of Hubei software industry association and former dean of Wuhan University Computer College, suggested that Hubei should strengthen the introduction of outstanding leading talents in the chip industry and strive to make breakthroughs in the development of major manufacturing equipment and devices such as lithography machines

how to coordinate the layout? Zhang Xinping said that with Wuhan as the core development area, Wuhan National memory base, national advanced storage industry innovation center, Wuhan Optics Valley integrated circuit Industrial Park and Yangtze River chip research institute will be built. Take Xiangyang, Yichang, Huangshi, Jingzhou, Huanggang and Suizhou as development areas, and focus on the layout of optical communication chips, automotive components and supporting industries

in order to promote the development of ten key industries such as integrated circuits, Hubei will implement ten measures around the preparation of special plans, the construction of innovation platforms, the building of industrial clusters, the support of fund-raising, the gathering of high-end talents, the planning of major projects, the establishment of think tank alliances, etc. in particular, according to the requirements of "one industry, one fund", Hubei will make full use of the 250billion yuan old and new kinetic energy conversion fund group being established to establish ten special funds for key industries, Give full play to the leading, leveraging and amplifying role of special financial funds. Actively strive for national policy preference and increase financing support for the ten key industries

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