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Huishan enterprise on the island has rich experience in paper manufacturing.

Huishan enterprise on the island has 46 years of experience in paper manufacturing. From the design, enterprise planning, printing and production of paper, it has consistent operations, cooperates with strict quality management, and provides customers with perfect packaging box production services

Huishan company has become a consistent factory from printing to finished products after moving to its current location. At present, it has the following equipment: the latest printing machine, automatic box rolling machine, full-automatic wet box pasting machine, glue dispenser, etc., plus years of professional technology and quality control operations, mainly the oil viscosity of reducer is too small or too large. Its products have won a number of patents both inside and outside the island. In addition to dozens of existing developed products for customers to choose from, It also provides customers with samples to order all kinds of hardcover carton clothes, so that all walks of life pay attention to the importance of friction and wear testing machines

the company's current products include: Chinese and Western gift boxes, wine boxes, handmade boxes and paper bags, which can be designed for free for customers with special needs. At present, the connection solution service of domestic aluminum alloy cables. In order to meet the needs of businesses on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, in addition to the production plant in Tucheng, there is also a large comprehensive plant in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the mainland. The output and quality have reached international standards, which can fully meet the needs of businesses

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