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Huizhou tried a new type of paint to deal with the persistent urban disease psoriasis

if you don't die, you won't be able to paste it

Ocean Huizhou news yesterday (22nd) afternoon, near a community in Longfeng street, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, several sanitation workers were spraying a new type of detergent on the street lamp post, transformer or house post. After cleaning up the "psoriasis", they applied a layer of paint. After about 20 minutes, The staff of the sub district office used a grease pencil to write some advertising words such as numbers on the interview, but they disappeared after wiping them. The staff pasted some small advertising paper, which was also blown or flushed with water. This is a new product developed by local enterprises in Huizhou that is being tried to eradicate illegal advertisements of "psoriasis" in the city

none of the three methods can cure "psoriasis"

the person in charge of Huizhou Urban Management Bureau said that "psoriasis" such as illegal advertisements or handwritten numbers has always been a "stubborn disease" that has caused great headaches to urban management departments, and it is also a breeding ground for all kinds of illegal crimes, which has seriously damaged the clean and hygienic image of the city. Previously, there were three main ways to deal with this "psoriasis": first, manual removal, including stripping by hand, scraping with a blade Use a gray brush; The second is to find the party according to the address and punish him or herself to clean up; Third, if the party cannot be found for punishment, enter its number into the "call you dead" call system. However, years of practice have proved that these practices are only a temporary solution, not a permanent solution. Countless human and material resources are spent in this area every year, which is a headache for the urban management department

since the shipyard implemented segmented lean production in 2008, Huizhou Baojia Environmental Protection Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. and South China Science and technology strive to become a leading enterprise in the industry as soon as possible. The Chemical Engineering Research Institute of the University of technology has jointly developed two joint products, namely, "urban psoriasis cleaner" and "urban psoriasis protective agent", which can cure urban psoriasis, that is, "non and its latest high-performance polymer method bulletin for injection molding and blow molding process". They are about to be put on the market and serve the society

Xu mingxiong, general manager of the company, introduced that these two products can make "psoriasis" not stick, and even if it is stuck, it can be easily removed as long as it is flushed and wiped with water. At present, it has won the enterprise technological innovation in Huicheng District, Huizhou City in 2009. 1. Through examples, the following experience is summarized: the first prize, and it has applied for national patents. He said that in fact, the current practices of urban management departments and environmental sanitation departments to deal with "psoriasis" will cause a waste of many resources. On the one hand, it is a waste of human and financial resources. The manual removal method is one of the measures to control "urban psoriasis" at present. Government departments spend a lot of money every year to ask sanitation workers to remove "urban psoriasis". It is said that in the creative stage of Huizhou some time ago, the neighborhood office with the most "psoriasis" spent more than 1.7 million yuan a month in this regard, A street needs to be specially cleaned by about 10 sanitation workers. On the other hand, someone later invented a "call to death" system. In fact, it can't be called to death. Just change the number. This is actually a waste of Telecom and mobile number resources. Now the telecom number occupation fee has been levied, and the number on "psoriasis" is to be entered into the "call to death" call system, so this waste of Telecom number resources is also objective. Some parties will turn to call transfer and transfer to the duty or personal number of some important departments, causing misunderstanding or confusion. It can be said that the current concept and technology of dealing with "urban psoriasis" are difficult to completely remove the existing illegal advertisements and restore their original appearance, resulting in a large number of untreated prototype pollution and cleaned patch pollution or turbid pollution in the streets and lanes, which can not really achieve the original intention and purpose of cleaning the urban appearance and environment

using new technology costs less than labor

it is reported that this new product is a combination of product a (detergent) and product B (protective agent). Cleaner is a kind of nano micro technology, which has super permeability and cleaning ability. It can effectively and quickly clean all kinds of urban psoriasis that are scrawled and posted indiscriminately. It is suitable for the cleaning of small advertisements such as paint spraying, double-sided adhesive self-adhesive and oily pens on the surface of kiosks, road guardrails, fences, bus stop signs, stainless steel, glass, plastic, ceramic tiles, marble, granite and other objects. The protective agent is a colorless and transparent anti sticking coating, which is mainly composed of fluorosilicone polymer, resin, special environmental protection solvent, additives, curing agent, etc. brush it on the substrate treated by product a, and the coating will no longer stick to "psoriasis" after it dries. After the paint is dried, it will not stick to any water-based and oily substances, and the small advertisements pasted with glue, paste, etc. will automatically fall off. The small advertisements with self-adhesive have a certain "self warping", which are easy to peel off without leaving any stains under the action of external forces such as wind and rain; At the same time, spray painting garbage advertisements have no adhesion to the paint, and can be removed only by gently wiping with detergent and rags. These two products are efficient, safe, non combustible and harmless to the environment. They can keep the clean and non stick performance of electric poles or walls for 5 to 8 years, and can also effectively prevent the growth of fungi and algae. They have good cleaning performance and graffiti protection performance. They are new environmentally friendly products for outdoor use

at present, this product has been successfully tested in Huidong County, and is entering the urban area of Huizhou. Yesterday, it was also used on a trial basis in Longfeng community, Huicheng District. The use agreement will be signed after the urban management and environmental sanitation departments believe that it is feasible and effective. According to the two sides, if the cooperation is successful, the government can use this product to clean and paint the streets with psoriasis within the cost limit of less than a month of conventional cleaning, and then use it for several years. In this way, the government expenditure on the treatment of "psoriasis" will be greatly reduced. However, after yesterday's test, the staff of the sub district office believed that this product was effective for "psoriasis" on smooth surfaces, but not on rough surfaces, that is, at least those written on the ground still needed manual treatment, which was still a problem

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