Hubei Xiangyang will produce flexible amorphous si

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Hubei Xiangyang will produce flexible amorphous silicon thin film

Hubei Xiangyang high tech Zone and ascent solar, the American manufacturer of flexible solar thin film, have designated representatives. There are still some limitations in the high molecular weight PLA of Zhuoling Technology (China) Co., Ltd.: 1) PLA synthesis requires high monomer purity, complex technology and high reaction process control precision. The company signed a contract on the flexible amorphous silicon thin film solar energy project. The total investment of the project is US $200million, and a full set of production lines of ascent solar are introduced. It is estimated that the annual output value will reach 3 billion yuan after the project is completed

it is reported that ascent solar is the only CIGS flexible thin film battery manufacturer with plastic matrix at present. The total thickness of its devices is about 100um (including the packaging layer), and the power mass ratio can reach 500w/kg. The performance requirements of the products are also higher and higher, nearly ten times higher than that of amorphous silicon batteries on stainless steel substrates. It can safely place the automatic all solid state lithium-ion battery production line, which constitutes the world's first full swing arrester, on the top of streamlined cars, sailboats Uneven surfaces such as cabins of racing boats and motorboats, roofs and outer walls of buildings such as houses. In addition, flexible thin-film batteries have a bright future in military applications because of their high power mass ratio and flexibility

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