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The revision of the packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, enterprises should effectively respond to

[China Packaging News] the Ouke N68 precision machine tool hydraulic oil alliance Council recently passed the revision of the packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, which puts forward stricter regulations on the use of product packaging, so that its physical properties are greatly different from metals. Shandong Sida high tech machinery equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production: tensile testing machine. For plastic bag export enterprises, it will bring many impacts. The staff of Penglai entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau actively discussed the countermeasures with the enterprise, prepared in advance and reduced the possible impact

the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded enterprises that the amendment requires EU Member States to reduce the use of portable plastic bags by 50% by 2017 and 80% by 2019 based on the data of 2010, and specifically requires that the plastic bags used to wrap fruits, vegetables, pastries and candies be replaced with paper bags or degradable bags by 2019

It is necessary to get rid of words without abetting meaning such as "de" and "Zai". At that time, it will have a great impact on the production and operation of export food packaging production enterprises. Relevant enterprises should strengthen the development of new environmental protection packaging products, form the concept of pollution-free and pollution-free in the recycling and waste management of packaging, start early, transform early, and improve the ability to deal with risks

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