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Environmental friendly inks that adapt to the trend of cigarette label printing

with the increasing restructuring of the tobacco industry and the gradual establishment of major tobacco brands, cigarette manufacturers have increasingly stringent requirements for cigarette labels, which is not only reflected in the design of cigarette labels, but also reflected in the use of new materials. For example, the popular laser paper, transfer paper, UV ink, water-based ink, etc., and whether these materials are environmentally friendly and whether there is odor residue after printing is the primary concern of tobacco enterprises and cigarette label printing enterprises known as metal tired brush enterprises

coroma company is a foreign enterprise specializing in providing liquid printing inks for the tobacco industry, and has long been committed to the research, development and promotion of environmental friendly inks. Aiming at the improvement of environmental protection requirements of cigarette label printing on ink, the company has launched environmental protection gravure alcohol soluble and flexographic alcohol soluble inks to meet the requirements of tobacco manufacturers and cigarette printing plants on the residual smell of cigarette labels

alcohol soluble gravure inks are introduced for high-speed gravure printing machines. As we all know, in the early 1990s, high-speed gravure printing machines were widely used in cigarette printing plants in China because of their high work efficiency and good printing quality. At that time, they were all benzene based liquid inks. Although benzene was very important to the dryness of inks, it was eventually replaced by alcohol soluble inks because benzene solvents were harmful to human body. Since its establishment in 1999, coroma has been committed to the promotion of alcohol soluble intaglio inks. The solvents used are mainly ethanol and ethyl ester, and do not contain toluene aromatic solvents and ketone solvents, which are harmful to the body. At present, the products have been well evaluated by printing plants such as Qingdao limadon, Guangzhou Shure Wude, Wuhan Xinte, etc

launch special gravure printing ink for medium and low-speed single concave machine

in recent years, with the diversification of cigarette label industry, it also forces investment to jump out of the traditional professional barrier and complication (that is, a cigarette label is not simply completed by gravure printing, but by integrating offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and other printing methods). Medium and low-speed single concave machine is adopted by many cigarette printing plants, which puts forward new requirements for the transfer and dryness of ink, In response to this situation, the company launched a special gravure printing ink for single concave machine. The product has achieved good results in several proofing cooperation with zhenhenri single concave machine, and the company's products have been adopted by many customers

aiming at the shortcomings of UV ink and water ink, alcohol soluble environmental friendly flexographic ink is introduced.

in addition to gravure printing accounting for a large proportion of cigarette labels, flexographic printing is also rising rapidly with its environmental protection advantages, especially UV ink and water ink are applied in many products, making flexographic printing occupy a place in cigarette label printing, but the development of flexographic printing in the eyes of insiders is not as expected in the past - replacing gravure printing or catching up with offset printing in quality, There are many problems, such as plate making process, plate material, on-site ink layer thickness, point transfer, etc. Here we mainly introduce the problems of ink

uv ink is commonly used in cigarette label printing, especially on laser paper. The light transmittance, saturation, brightness, etc. of its ink layer are very excellent, and some high-grade cigarette labels are often used. However, recently, due to the strict control of cigarette label odor by cigarette factories, the residual odor of UV ink after instant UV curing has become a difficult problem to solve. In addition, the cost of UV ink is higher than that of other types of inks. There is no doubt about the environmental protection advantages of water ink, because it does not contain volatile solvents, reduces the volatilization of VOC, and improves the operating environment, but it also has shortcomings: such as non alkali resistance, non ethanol resistance, slow drying, and poor gloss, so it is suitable for carton packaging or cigarette labels of whiteboard and coated paper, and the effect is worse when applied to laser paper. In view of the above situation, coroma company timely launched alcohol soluble environmental friendly flexographic ink. This product takes alcohol as the main solvent and uses slow drying agent to adjust the drying speed. It has good printability, high gloss and good saturation. It has been successfully used in various flexo printing machines such as Gerais, yajiafa, Lianhe, etc. for example, Honghe printed by Shenzhen Jinjia. You should carefully understand that the 88.99 soft label is the most successful case. At the end of last year, Meideng, a new realm of production in cooperation with the golden Three Gorges, also made a hit, and some markets have been in short supply. In addition, the product quality has been unanimously recognized by Yunnan Qiaotong, Chengdu Wuniu, Xi'an Yiyin and other manufacturers. They believe that the product has bright color, good saturation, good light transmittance and reflectance, low odor, and moderate price, which solves the problem that UV ink and ink cannot solve

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