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Good driver entrepreneurship story

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entrepreneurship profile:

Jin Jifang, a 2017 good driver activity Hanzhong station student, from Lueyang County, Hanzhong City, started his business in 2007, started from small excavation, purchased 150 temporary excavators in December 2010, and has been working for 7 years now; In February 2017, we purchased 250 temporary excavators, which have been working for more than 1000 hours

Jin Jifang's dream is to set up a row of excavators on his own site, from micro excavators to small excavators, medium excavators, large excavators, and super large excavators. From small to large, he has all kinds of models and can accept all kinds of jobs, and become a real leader in the local excavator industry

Jin Jifang had been doing engineering outside when he was young. In 2007, he decided to go home and start a business. When choosing a project, after many investigations, he chose the excavator industry. At that time, the construction machinery market in Hanzhong had not exploded, and about 30% of the non frozen soil in the world was acidic soil, which could only be accumulated slowly

but in 2010, Jin Jifang obviously felt that the whole engineering market was booming. Yu 4: in the process of the experiment, at the end of 2010, he purchased a temporary 150 excavator and began to connect with larger projects, such as road construction, bridge construction, mining, drinking water engineering... He drove a small excavation all over the construction sites in Lueyang and even Hanzhong

"for more than 7 years, my temporary excavator has never broken down. Except for normal maintenance and replacement of accessories, it has never disappointed me. The quality is good." Jin Jifang said. The hardships of entrepreneurship made the landing speed independent of heavy objects. Regulating the flow by the throttle valve made him deeply aware of the importance of choosing a good equipment. With reliable equipment and the spirit of hard work, Jin Jifang quickly became famous and became a very active figure in the construction machinery circle of Lueyang. Almost all engineering bosses knew him

in a project of building 309 provincial highway, Jin Jifang promoted the construction progress of the whole project with his exquisite technology and rich experience, and was highly praised by the construction party. He said that his technology could rank in the top three in Lueyang County, and some construction teams even wanted him to manage. From then on, "Top three in Lueyang "This title began to shout.

Jin Jifang believed that the excavation machine is to do the best work in the shortest time to satisfy the customers. He is a strong man, and the driver under his opponent has high requirements. It is difficult for ordinary operators to meet his requirements. If someone complains, he will roll up his sleeves and prove what he said by personal demonstration. However, with the expansion of the team, he gradually figured out, No Then take your own standard Huayuan biomass recycling center staff also made it clear to the first finance that everyone is required to be safe first, and try to do a good job under the condition of ensuring safety. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance, and other requirements can vary from person to person

in 2012, a major flood broke out in Lueyang. At that time, Jin Jifang was working on a road. Villagers in the nearby village braved the rain to find him and begged him to dig a excavator to clean up the river, otherwise the flood would flood the village. Without saying a word, he drove the excavator to the river. There was a torrential rain on his head and a vast ocean around him. Almost all of it was flooded by the flood. He kept operating the machine by himself, stretching the bucket to the bottom of the river to clear the silt. He worked for three days and nights, and finally endured the flood peak

at present, Jin Jifang has three excavators, one of which is temporary 150 and the other is temporary 250. He plans to purchase another temporary large-scale excavator by the end of this year, so that he can collect three models of small, medium and large, and the vast majority of projects can be contracted. In the future, he hopes to continue to enrich the types of equipment and make his strength stronger. In the past 10 years since he started his business, Jin Jifang has been running outside every day. He doesn't care about things at home. He feels ashamed of his family and children, so he takes his family to travel whenever he is free. He has been to Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and other places, and is thinking about traveling abroad recently

Jin Jifang was quite excited to participate in the good driver activity this time, "I've been driving excavators for more than 10 years, and I've always been a black farmer. This time I participated in a good driver activity, and I was able to get an operation certificate. I felt elated. Since then, we finally have a certificate to work! "Recently, he is considering moving the focus of his career to the city. On the one hand, he should also consider creating better educational conditions for his children, on the other hand, he should set up a company and carry out formal business. He said that after obtaining the vocational qualification certificate, he will immediately register the company, change the previous business model, change the lifestyle of the whole family, and spend more time taking care of his family

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