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Enterprises of plastic bottle packaging products should deal with negative news

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core tip: Recently, a news about the release of dioxin, a substance with such initial strength after freezing of plastic bottle packaging products, caused panic. Many people once again put plastic bottle packaging on the cusp of the storm

[China Packaging News] recently, a news about the release of dioxin after freezing of plastic bottle packaging products made people panic. Many people once again put plastic bottle packaging on the cusp of the storm

A series of events such as plasticizer have made plastic bottles questionable in the packaging market, and the market share has been declining. Many new products have begun to use glass bottles for packaging, which is a huge challenge and threat to the whole plastic bottle industry

it can be said that there are some problems in plastic bottle packaging. However, more plastic bottle packaging problems come from false statements. Some doubts about plastic bottle packaging only come from people's superficial understanding, and there is no scientific argument

therefore, how to make people correctly understand plastic bottle packaging is a very urgent problem for the plastic bottle packaging industry

next, with regard to the release of dioxins after freezing plastic bottle packaging, in order to ensure the overall effectiveness of use, in this age of food packaging safety, this part of consumer demand appears rigid, and people lose their basic judgment

in summer, many places will involve the freezing of plastic bottles. For example, the packaging of plastic bottles of beverages is made of polymer materials, and there is no dioxin in itself, so it is impossible to release dioxin at all. But this kind of false information is fatal to plastic bottle packaging when it is transmitted to consumers

for example: wedge fixture

therefore, the plastic bottle industry, especially the manufacturers and industry associations of related plastic bottle packaging products, should establish a corresponding mechanism against this negative, do a good job in public relations, and do not be affected by negative news

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