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Entrepreneurship is better than working. College students' entrepreneurship is better than working. Your qualifications are

1. Love the Internet business and look forward to the development space of hardware and electromechanical

2. Be familiar with the local market and local customs

3. If you want to succeed, you are willing to work hard and persevere

4. Don't worry about technical problems and obstacles. You can operate without knowing the network

5. Don't understand the network. We will teach you how to operate and provide you with operation support throughout the process

6. We don't need technicians to help you solve technical problems. The headquarters has a professional technical team to provide you with all-round technical support

7. You can carry out business at home without renting an office environment

8. In the process of cooperation, we will carry out systematic supervision, operation training and whole process technical support to operators to ensure the smooth operation of partners


work to be carried out

1. Be responsible for VIP members and advertising sales of local electromechanical production enterprises, electromechanical sales merchants, electromechanical installation and maintenance rental enterprises, content management and information review, and ensure the authenticity, standardization and legality of station information

2. Use the existing platform to develop customers and generate revenue. 60% is your income. (we will provide you with a set of experience accumulated over the years)

3. At present, the substation has the conditions and flow for operation. If combined with the maintenance of local agents and some promotion, the station traffic will gradually increase. As the popularity of the station increases, advertisements will take the initiative to find you and put advertisements on your sub stations. If you can take the initiative, the effect will be better and your income will be more and more. (we will give you the specific process of maintenance and publicity)

4. You can develop county-level agents, and 5% of the agent's business income belongs to you

5. Take advantage of the station platform to undertake the station building business of local units and individuals. This business can fully guarantee the investment of agents without any risk, and can balance your daily expenses and generate income. (we will provide you with

steps and basic information for the development of website business)

6. Use the website platform to make profits, and the headquarters will provide channels for you. (it's easy for district level cities to earn 5000 a month!)


our advantages


2. The starting capital only needs yuan and a computer that can be used! Less investment, but the return is long-term and infinite

3. Work easily. Working locally can increase your monthly income by thousands! 60% of VIP membership fee and advertising fee is your income (if you operate well, your income will be more)

4. This is a long-term sunshine industry, which may make you feel at a loss at the beginning. Through our training, you will suddenly be enlightened and confident, and you will understand that the network industry returns quickly and gains high income

5. We have accumulated rich resources and profit models for many years; As long as you take action, you will get something (one VIP member worth 880 yuan for joining in the main urban area of secondary cities, which will be completed within one month; five VIP members worth 4400 yuan for joining in regional cities, which will be completed within two months; ten VIP members worth 8800 yuan for joining in provincial capital cities, which will be completed within two months.)

details consultation: Mr. Ye: study the details of the project in the company, provide free accommodation for 10 days

Chongqing Qiju Technology Co., Ltd.

address: Building B, Jinhua building, No. 23 Shiyang Road, high tech Zone, Chongqing

hardware and electromechanical overview

hardware and Electromechanical is a hardware and electromechanical supply and demand platform carefully built by the elite team of Chongqing Qiju Technology Co., Ltd, It is a large-scale portal station specialized in the hardware and electromechanical industry, which integrates hardware and electromechanical marketing networking and e-commerce. It uses modern advanced Internet information and communication technology, draws lessons from the advanced ways promoted by domestic and foreign enterprises, and combines the advantages of many well-known industry stations and city portals to vertically professionalize the relevant information of enterprises, brands, products, merchants, investment promotion and other activities The highly unified operation mode of marketing networking and brand e-commerce provides a platform for Chinese hardware and electromechanical enterprises to publish advertisements, enterprise information and trade, and provide a wide range of professional information and e-commerce services to Chinese hardware and electromechanical merchants, users and enterprises in a timely, comprehensive, efficient and economical manner. For businesses, hardware, electrical and mechanical products are propaganda media, marketing consultants and sales channels. Through the hardware and electromechanical local station, merchants can carry out the most effective publicity of products for accurate target customer groups, and the station can also provide professional marketing consulting services for merchants to help merchants easily develop upper and lower sales channels and quickly increase sales. For members, hardware and Electromechanical is an exchange platform, a procurement consultant, and a bridgehead for up and down marketing. Through hardware and electrical, members can obtain hardware and electrical business information, procurement project information, investment information, business information, and a large number of value-added and value-added services

vision of hardware and electrical machinery

become a leader in promoting the informatization of China's hardware and electrical industry

hardware and electrical values

customer first

adhere to customer demand orientation, Customers are the reason and value of enterprises

learning organizations

constantly learn quickly, summarize and actively share

be time-saving and efficient

cherish and be good at managing time


personal success can only be achieved if the team wins

be realistic

adhere to the style of seeking truth from facts


embrace challenges and changes, Pursue excellence

the main marketing products are: VIP members and advertisements

Sales objects: electromechanical production enterprises, electromechanical sales merchants, electromechanical installation and maintenance rental enterprises, etc.

hardware electromechanical = = = on the Electromechanical market, which is through the summary, sorting and processing of professional market data collected from the hardware Electromechanical industry markets around the country, including the data of subordinate shops, A professional market network integration platform based on advanced electronic information technology is an information complete information platform based on modern e-commerce. It benefits the buyer, the seller and the market manager

Shang "mechanical and electrical market" is a "virtual market" based on physical shops, but it is closely combined with the real professional market and echoes each other. It is a perfect combination of "tangible professional market" and "virtual professional market". With the great advantage of interconnection and the strong flow of people, popularity and technical force of hardware and electromechanical, Shang "professional market" will push the development of "tangible professional market" to a new height of development. As the exhibition hall of products in various industries, the Electromechanical market gathers products representing the development level of the industry. Through the Electromechanical market, you can timely understand the development trends of the industry, adjust the development strategy of the enterprise, and adapt to the rapidly changing supply and demand market. As an extension of the real professional market, the "Shangji electricity market" inherits various advantages of the traditional professional market, and can timely feed back market information to merchants through the network, and provide services such as prediction and tracking. Both parties can also obtain an information exchange platform at the same time

1. From the perspective of buyers: any buyer wants to buy products that are easy and advantageous. In the future, he can find all suppliers of an electromechanical city through our platform, which will benefit buyers. With the trend of future development, buyers must rely on a convenient network information platform

2. From the perspective of suppliers: even if the merchants who settled in the market only moved in yesterday, they can also be displayed in front of buyers today. All the merchants who settled in the market can establish shops at the same time from the beginning of settling in, and truly open two shops (physical stores and stores), and use two sales channels to do business from the beginning, so that their business can work together and take the lead in the market. Businesses can also feel that the market management really does something for them, which benefits suppliers and improves their loyalty to the market

3. From the market side, the market can play the slogan of complete informatization, provide convenient information for buyers in the trend of development, buy and sell benefit, the market will naturally become active, popularity will naturally rise, and with the market appreciation, Appreciation of shops... (many businesses hope that the market can provide a more perfect platform. This scheme not only provides the physical platform for merchants, but also provides a network platform, which greatly improves the image and strength of the Electromechanical market)

Second, analyze the current situation of stations in the current market:

many markets have built their own exclusive stations, but the current situation of market stations is:

1. The number of station information databases is small

2. There is no special person in charge of maintenance and update in the station (maintenance requires many personnel, high requirements and high costs)

3. The station has no professional operation team

4. The station does not really serve buyers and merchants, or its function is not perfect

advantages of joining the "mechanical and electrical market":/p>

the construction purpose of the "mechanical and electrical market" is to organically combine advanced network tools with traditional market behavior, establish this "mechanical and electrical market" with real market data and a large number of practical and effective information collection, break the drawback of serious disconnection between the network virtual market and the real market, and establish a new model of e-commerce. Let the "tangible market" and "virtual market" be perfectly combined, learn from each other's strengths, and go hand in hand to comply with the development of the Internet economy

1. We can publicize ourselves to the greatest extent (without time and space restrictions) through the network, so that the fixed and limited business places can be expanded to the national and even global marketing, breaking the limitations of the traditional regional economy and raising the marketing scope to a higher and broader level. This is the inevitable result of the network affecting economic development

2. Make it easier for manufacturers to find professional dealers, and provide timely and reliable first-hand information for expanding product sales and reducing marketing costs

3. Make it easier for merchants (manufacturers, sellers, wholesalers, etc.) to communicate and grasp the trend of the market. At the same time, it makes it easier for customers to understand the types, prices, quantities, etc. of products sold by businesses, so as to more effectively improve the probability of commodity transactions. At the same time, it minimizes the cost of marketing business

III. advantages of hardware and electromechanical:

we are committed to the informatization development of the national hardware and electromechanical industry, and truly do practical things for the industry and provide practical services for the industry market.

1. We are dedicated and professional. It has a strong e-commerce operation team and a group of industry veterans who are familiar with Internet and e-commerce. There is a leading team with the goal of making the station stronger and bigger

2. The ability to operate, update and maintain e-commerce stations for a long time. Many mechanical and electrical cities don't care where they stand. To really make a network platform live, it needs long-term and continuous maintenance and updating

3. In China, we have reached the forefront of industry information services. The market side will have a lot of energy and expenses to set up a network department alone. Just like why no matter how powerful the real estate enterprise will not set up its own design

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