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Expert answer: three ways to avoid the conflict between cloud computing and SOA

James kobielus, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, a market research company, recently introduced the explosive growth of enterprise cloud computing applications in an article, and introduced that the expanded application of cloud computing is causing some problems around the existing SOA governance policies and mechanisms

however, cloud computing is causing discomfort for some IT professionals. IT professionals are concerned that cloud computing based services may go beyond the scope of the SOA governance plan. This problem is caused by the increasing use of enterprise applications provided by cloud computing providers at low prices or free of charge. This kind of enterprise application, also known as "rogue application", is established outside the control of it. Many department level personnel have found that they can use cloud computing resources without waiting for commercial servers for important tasks that require data center space. They believe that this is a simple way to bypass any established governance measures. After all, you only need a browser and a credit card

simply put, cloud computing services can bypass the best service governance practices. By outsourcing many or all it functions, cloud computing services make it difficult for IT departments to enforce policies on governance service composition, integration, security, management and other key functions

the trick here is to accept the fact that some cloud computing services will become part of this architecture, and modify your SOA governance strategy and technology to adapt to this transformation in the platform. The oxygen index detected by so is ≥ 32A. David linthicum, an expert, said that many people in the IT Department refused to use cloud computing services, perhaps because they saw governance and security. However, this is equivalent to stopping using web services in 1993, and you will eventually fail. A person who went through this process made the following suggestions:

1 Create and publish policies on the use of cloud computing resources. Realize the "made in China" of China's automobile industry. Don't refuse to use cloud computing. However, reasonable reasons that are easy to understand and implement should be formulated around this application

2. When using cloud computing, we should ensure to use SOA method. They are interrelated concepts

departments should promote the evaluation of cloud computing services, and antibacterial plastics may usher in good development and use, including helping to develop applications and adopt cloud computing based services in advance. (end)

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