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How do Android rookies learn Android system development

I wrote an article about the market situation of Android, and also put forward some suggestions on how to learn Android development by adopting the world-famous sensor manufacturer vistequan sensor in the United States. Due to space limitations, the last article did not give much explanation on the specific learning process and relevant experience of Android. Today, we will talk about this topic in combination with the "3G Android system development class" employment training course of Huaqing vision 3G college, hoping to give more help and suggestions to friends

before discussing Android learning, let's take a look at two important Android related issues in the past three months

new developments in the Android industry

the recent Android related, in terms of importance, is of course the release of Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich). In this new platform, Android will no longer divide and tablet into two branches. Due to different shapes and sizes of bolt fasteners, large load requirements and different requirements, the tensile test of metal bolt fasteners is more difficult. Instead, it will combine them into one. This is undoubtedly very beneficial for developers. At the same time, it also fully illustrates the development trend and increasingly broad application fields in the mobile development field. In addition, it has exciting updates in communication and sharing, multimedia support, network connectivity, UI components, etc. In addition, Google finally announced that Android 4.0 will be re open source

another big event in the Android industry. Although it is a sensation, many people do not associate it with Android. That is, Amazon launched its own tablet computer, the kindle fire, on September 28. It is a deeply customized tablet computer based on Android. Under the cover of apple and jobs, it is estimated that many people do not think so. But don't forget what kind of company it is: its revenue in 2010 was more than $2billion than that of Google. Moreover, more importantly, after years of development, it has established the world's largest online movie and TV store, electronic library, music store second only to apple, and its own Android App Store, with more than 10000 paid apps. Now it has launched its own hardware, and its amazing and impressive performance is that on the fifth day of the release of the kindle fire, its reservation number has exceeded 250000! This is very similar to the situation when the iPad 2 was launched. I think everyone can think of what this means - an Android based ecosystem similar to apple is taking shape, which is undoubtedly very beneficial to our developers

after talking about some recent Android Market Trends, we get to the point, and then we talked about how to learn Android development in the last article

how to prepare for Android learning

if you have determined the goal of learning Android, what should you do well in advance and lay the foundation first

first of all, you'd better be familiar with a programming language. Now, computer related majors and even science and engineering majors in universities generally offer C language courses. However, many students didn't study it well in college. If they don't master it well or haven't used it for a long time, it is recommended to review it well first, and then review its basic grammar. It's best to build an environment to run and debug it. If you haven't learned it, you might as well learn it in advance. You can refer to the C language program design by teacher tanhaoqiang published by Tsinghua University Press. The reasons for recommending this book are as follows: first, it has been tested for many years and should be said to be quite rigorous; The second is that most of the C language teaching materials offered by colleges and universities use it as teaching materials, so it is easy to find whether it is purchased or borrowed. In addition, there are also some teaching videos on Huaqing vision station, which can be combined

secondly, if you are interested in game development in the future, you'd better have some basic knowledge of data structure and algorithm. This is what I insisted on stressing to the students on the platform of Huaqing vision. Although in modern high-level programming languages, the class libraries have helped us to implement most of the data structures before reuse. Generally, we can use them directly. But if you can understand its principle, when you need to be in the middle of these data structures and algorithms, you can be more clear about which data structure or algorithm to choose. In addition, the role of linear algebra in graphics and image processing is also very important. If you can master some basic knowledge in this field, you will undoubtedly be able to do even better in the follow-up study. For example, in Android, there is a matrix class for graphic transformation, which is a little difficult to use. In fact, its theoretical basis is the matrix in linear algebra. If you understand the basic algorithm of matrix, the use of this class can be said to be as easy as a palm

third, because the development language of Android applications uses the Java language, and a large number of classes of Java core class libraries are also used in Android, before learning Android development, you can learn the basic Java syntax and the basic class libraries of Java se, such as IO, network, thread, list, map, tree and other data structures in Java. At present, many colleges and departments in universities have set up Java courses, and there are rich teaching materials and books. If your college and department do not set up Java courses, you can also borrow them from other students who have set up this major, and carefully complete the assignments they have assigned, so as to strive to write some simple Java applications by yourself. If you buy a book, you can buy the Book Java core technology, Volume 1 (the 8th edition of the original book) to learn

fourth, because the database is used to store data in Android, you can also make relevant reserves of database knowledge in advance. SQLite used in Android follows the standard SQL-92 syntax (of course, its functions are much weaker than those of enterprise databases such as Oracle). If possible, it is best to install a database for actual operation. In terms of ease of use and data completeness, it is recommended that you use Microsoft SQL server or mysql. They are all good platforms for us to learn about databases. In addition, if you have ever learned database principles or relational algebra, you can also review these basic knowledge in the process of learning database, which is very helpful for us to understand database

android development learning methods

finally, we will talk about the learning methods of Android development in combination with the "3G Android system development and employment training course system" of Huaqing vision 3G college

android is a relatively large system. From the bottom Linux kernel to the upper application layer, the content span of each part is also relatively large. Therefore, a good learning method is very important for us to learn Android development. Therefore, in the course system design of Huaqing vision, we have taken a step-by-step approach to break down the big goals into multiple small goals, and gradually achieved the goal of comprehensively mastering Android development from application layer to bottom system and driver development

for example, you can start with the application development of Android, wait until you are familiar with the application, start to read some source code of Android application framework layer, and then gradually go on to understand the JNI, libraries, Dalvik virtual machine, Hal layer, hardware driver, Linux kernel, ARM technology architecture, etc. of Android. Although Intel recently announced that it would make Intel chips support the Android system, within the foreseeable period, On mobile devices, the advantages of arm should still be unshakable

specifically, you can first build your own Android system on the development board to understand the overall architecture and startup process of the Android system, so as to have a preliminary understanding of Android; Next, learn the application development of Android. Here, you can learn several main components and UI components of Android, and have a perceptual understanding of Android application development. After skillfully building the user interface, gradually enrich the application functions, for example: add event processing to enable it to interact with users; Add data storage function; Plus the connection function and so on. After learning the application, learn game programming on this basis, first understand the basic idea of game design, then start with small games and small modules, and finally complete a game similar to the popular "fishing expert". After mastering the contents of these application levels, you can learn how to call the c/c++ interface through JNI in Android applications, and then learn the Linux kernel and driver development, such as character device driver, flash device driver, network device driver, etc; On this basis, learn Android driver development, Hal (hardware abstraction layer) development, arm architecture and instructions, etc. in this way, the whole system of Android development runs through

of course, because the time is limited and the content of the bottom part is quite complicated, so before we really do this part of work, we only need to understand its basic principles, reserve relevant knowledge, and be able to complete relevant experiments according to the guidance of teachers. In this way, in the follow-up work, it will be convenient to develop in this regard and make your career a higher level. (ethylene supply in Asia will be tight in the first half of this year end)

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