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How does Bertelsmann enter the media industry

most Chinese learn about this media group through Bertelsmann's "China Book Club". Bertelsmann entered the world media field from a family printing enterprise, and became one of the world's six major media groups. Its glorious period is only 20 years. At present, Bertelsmann group is the first book publisher in the world, the first magazine publisher in Europe and the second in the world, and the first music product retailer in the world; Its TV business ranks first in Europe and its Internet business ranks second in the world, greatly surpassing several world-famous media companies such as di-1, industrial ABS modified material sney, group and Viacom

the history of Bertelsmann, a small town printer in Germany, can be traced back to the first half of the 19th century. On July 1, 1835, the printing British government announced that it had invested 50million pounds (1 pound or about US $1.52) to support the graphene researcher Carl Bertelsmann to establish a book printing company named after himself in the German town of justrow. In fact, it is just a small workshop that mainly tests various materials, such as Bibles and hymns. In the second generation, when Karl's son Heinrich Bertelsmann took over the company, there were only 14 employees in total. Although the variety of publications has expanded to novels and history, its business scope is still dominated by theological works. However, Heinrich actively participated in social and political activities and established a pension and disability fund system, making it the first company in Germany to have these benefits. After Heinrich's death, his son-in-law Hannah Moen became the leader and introduced the paid leave system in 1910. Two years later, the company had 85 employees. Heinrich moon, the fourth generation leader, inherited his father's business in 1921. He injected fresh blood into the company by publishing entertainment literary works and made a major breakthrough in expanding the readership. The company's Distribution Department has made bold innovations, using brand-new sales methods and advertising strategies, such as novel book binding, bookstore window decoration, gift sets and prize competitions, which have greatly developed the company, with 400 employees. However, Heinrich donated 15000 imperial marks to Hitler as soon as he took office to help Hitler, who was in the early stage of development. He believed that Hitler's rise could bring new opportunities to his company, so Bertelsmann became the largest printer of Nazi propaganda, even more than the publishers of Hitler's National Socialist Party. These shameful acts finally met with retribution. In the Second World War, the British army carried out an air raid on guteslow in March 1945, and Bertelsmann company was severely damaged, but its printing machine survived

it is Reinhard Mohn, the son of Mohn, the fifth generation successor of Bertelsmann, who has really made Bertelsmann develop from a medium-sized printing and publishing enterprise to a world-class media giant. In 1947, at the age of 26, Reinhard reorganized the publishing company. In order to accumulate capital, he implemented a new measure of "profit sharing" within the company. The company will distribute the profits to the employees, and the employees will invest the funds in the company for development. His idea of "decentralized management, clear rights and responsibilities, free innovation and compliance with the company's rules and regulations" is known as the "Bertelsmann model", which has been used until now

in June, 1950, Bertelsmann book friends association was established, and the direct selling concept of "delivering books directly to readers" initiated by weixford, the manager of the Distribution Department, achieved great success. One year later, the membership of the book friends Association reached 100000. In 1954, the number of members reached 1million, and in 1960, it climbed to 3million. Later, the book club merged with the "music club" in music, collectively referred to as "Bertelsmann book club" and became the basis for the continuous expansion of Bertelsmann group. Now, it has 40million members all over the world. In the 1950s, Bertelsmann also set up a dictionary team to publish large dictionaries and became a famous brand of academic Dictionary Publishing. In 1956, Bertelsmann established his own record company, whose products have been expanded from records and tapes to CDs, CD ROMs and DVDs

In 1962, Bertelsmann began to open up overseas markets and set up a Book Club in Barcelona, Spain. Two years later, it took over the classic brand of Berlin film production company UFA, and rapidly developed the emerging TV market into an important commercial field of Ufa products. In 1969, Bertelsmann took a 25% stake in Hamburg gronayar Publishing House (owned star, Bridget and capital magazines), and began to enter the magazine industry. In the late 1960s, it merged 11 independent publishing companies to form Bertelsmann publishing group, which has 12000 employees worldwide

In 1971, Reinhard took over Bertelsmann publishing house through inheritance, transforming his ancestral family business into a joint-stock company. This transformation has completed the transition from a medium-sized family business to a large company led by the board of directors, such as 43r/min6 and pressing the start button. As a major shareholder, Reinhard served as the CEO. In 1972, the publishing company with Karl Bertelsmann as the core moved to Munich, the German publishing center

subsequently, Bertelsmann launched a series of major acquisitions. In 1977, the company acquired Goldman publishing company. In the following 20 years, it became the largest book publishing house in Germany. In 1979, he acquired Arista Records. After acquiring Bantam Books, the world's largest paperback publishing company, in New York in 1980, he then ate Spanish Plaze & Jane's in Barcelona. This marks Bertelsmann's first step across the Atlantic. At this time, Reinhard also established the non-profit Bertelsmann foundation, which will take over the capital property of the moon family to ensure the continuity of financial development that is no longer subject to inheritance tax. In 1984, Bertelsmann joined the first German TV station RTL with 40% of shares, and quickly developed into the best TV channel in Europe. In 1995, Bertelsmann entered the era of multimedia, cooperated with the United States to establish European AOL, and acquired Pixar Parker, the leader of German multimedia. In 1996, it participated in the establishment of mediaways, the second largest network supplier in Germany, marking the completion of Bertelsmann's goal of entering the field of Internet technology services. In 1997, Bertelsmann merged the UFA film company with the Luxemburg television production company, thus creating clt-ufa, the largest television group in Europe, which broadcasts to Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Czech Republic and other countries

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